Where can I have Spiceful shipped?

We currently are able to ship to US/Canada.

Is Spiceful vegan and gluten-free?

YES! The Original recipe is both vegan and gluten-free and we aim to make all of our follow up recipes the same way.

Where can I buy Spiceful?

Right now only on this website, but we are rolling out retail distribution and will update the website as needed.

Can I recommend some other spices I’d like to see in the next Spiceful flavor?

We thought you’d never ask! You can always email hello@eatspiceful.com or if you want some inspiration, see our Spice List page.

How much heat does Spiceful Original bring?

The mix of Cayenne and Black Pepper is a slow heat build in your mouth. In fact, while tinkering with this Original recipe, our greatest debates revolved around the question: is it bringing too much heat or too little?

Help me identify the spices!

Sure! Our Original recipe has 5 highlighted spices. Cayenne and Black Pepper are generally the easiest to identify - Cayenne is responsible for the undiluted ‘hot’ taste while Black Pepper has woodier undertones. Cumin can best be described as nutty or smoky. Turmeric is earthy or bitter. And Ginger has an aromatic kick.

So many thoughts going through my mind when I am savoring the Original, can we change the name to Thinkful?

Haha, funny.